Welcome To My Journal

Celts are awesome

Hey guys this is my online journal! I named my journal swamp celts after my favourite baseball team but actually its about me. I like to talk about all sorts of stuff! Pretty much whatever comes into my head. Its not particularly well-written, or well thought out, or well structured, or popular, or interesting… but IDGAF, this is my journal. Not yours. If you don’t like it, don’t read it 🙂

Celts are really cool. They’re like Vikings but they’re Gaelic from Ireland or Scotland rather than Scandinavian. I think. Actually I don’t know much about them at all, I wasn’t there, and I never studied Celtic history. But I did play a Celtic-themed computer game once, where I had a team of Celts with swords and axes etc and they killed goblins and orcs etc – probably not a good representation of reality but I lliked it.

I’ve been to a few Celtic gypsy fairs where they dress up as Celts and dance with swords etc. Those were cool too. My mate once bought a Pink Floyd teeshirt from a gypsy fair because it smelled like weed – yeah it smelled like that before he bought it, thats why he bought it. Maybe someone smoked while it was hanging on display or something? They sell a lot of dodgy drug-related products, like pipes, bongs etc. Not sure if thats legal, but they pretend that it has nothing to do with drugs, as if someone would put tobacco in their bong or something?? Yeah, whatever. I don’t think the ancient Celts smoked weed, damn gypsies.