Why Mario Is A Bad Plumber

Plumbers are very good people. I like plumbers because they do work that I do not like to do. Plumbers can clean out the hole in your sink. If you have food stuck in your sink in your pipe, the plumber can fix it and can clear out the pipe.

One job that the plumber has to do that is not very fun, is to unclog the toilet. If you go to the toilet and the pipe gets clogged, the plumber will come and fix the pipe until it is good enough for you to use.

Plumbing is very important in the house. If you have no plumbing, you have to go to the toilet outside, in the bush or in the long drop.

So, plumbers Wanganui are very good. When your shower is not working properly, who comes to fix it? It is the plumber. The plumber can get his hands went, he can get his hands dirty, he will even get under the house with the spiders live in order to fix your problem.

The plumber needs to wear overalls because his job is very dirty. I saw an ad on TV once. This man was a plumber or a mechanic or something, and he kept losing his job. Why was the boss who is firing him? Why did he always have to get a new job? It was because his wife cleans his overalls very clean and his boss would always think that he never did any work! Actually, he was working but his wife cleans the clothes very well.

By this, you can see That it is very important in a plumbers job to get their clothes dirty so the boss knows that he is doing a hard days work. If the plumber’s clothes are clean, he must be a bad plumber.

If I was a plumber I would want to make lots of money. I would run my own plumbing business, and I would employ lots of young and plumbers and pay them to do all the work for me, so I never had to get my hands dirty myself. I would just teach them to do all the work for me and then I wouldn’t have to do the work myself because they would be doing it for me. Then I would have a plumbing business but I would not have to be a do any plumbing work. But I’m still a plumber because I teach other people how to do plumbing, but I myself am not getting my hands dirty I only do work if it’s the highest paid work and I don’t want my workmate to do it and get the money. That way my life as a plumber would be much better than if I was an electrician or some other thing instead.

Mario and Luigi are plumbers. That’s strange because I never see them fixing toilets, I only ever see them saving princesses and killing mushrooms and crocodiles. They should fix more toilets. Do your job, idiots!

It is very important to have a plumber do the piping in your kitchen. The tap needs to put out clean water. That clean water needs to have both hot and cold options, and I need to be able to mix the hot and the cold to make warm water. I don’t know how to make a tap, I only know how to use it! I’m not a plumber, I just use the plumbing.

If you want to be a plumber, you need to be very good with your hands. You need to be hands on and enjoy doing physical work. If you are a Computer nerd, you will not be a very good plumber. Plumbers need to be “hands on people”. If you are a computer nerd, you should do web design and SEO, not plumbing.